About Us

River Valley Mutual Insurance Company was organized in 1871.  At that time, it was very difficult for rural farms and rural homes to get affordable coverage from the standard insurance market.  By forming a town mutual, the residents could share risk and provide insurance to each other, at an affordable cost.

On January 1st, 2013, West Central Mutual and Fountain City Mutual combined to form River Valley Mutual.

On January 1st, 2024 eight additional town mutuals came together with River Valley Mutual to form a more geographically diverse and stronger company.  The town mutuals that joined River Valley include:  River Falls Mutual, Trade Lake Mutual, Ashland County Mutual, Price County Mutual, Stockholm Mutual, Liberty Fire Mutual, Darlington Mutual, Henrietta-Greenwood-Union Mutual.

Mutual insurance companies are truly a way of Neighbors insuring Neighbors.  As policyholders, you are owners in the company.  For over 150 years, River Valley Mutual Insurance Company has been committed to providing a full line of insurance coverage to our policyholders.  Each year at our annual meeting, board members are elected to a board of directors.  The board works with the company management team to govern our future.

As a Chapter 611 mutual insurance company, we are able to write accounts across the State of Wisconsin.  With that said our focus is mostly on the western half of the state from Lake Superior to the Illinois border.